Perspectives - Issue 13

Published: 15 July 2015
The thirteenth issue of Perspectives, "Analysis and Commentary from Turkey", is out now. In this issue, we are featuring a special dossier on "Global Governance and Development". The articles critically approach the understanding of development and related policies in both Turkey and at the global level, discuss the current situation of Turkish development policies in industry and agriculture, and call attention to alternatives to the existing development discourse. Under our usual titles, you will find important discussions about the democracy, foreign policy, ecology and cultural agenda of Turkey; for example, some cover current political issues, such as the presidential elections in Northern Cyprus, the June 7th General Elections, and the Camp Armen resistance, of which the consequences are still to be observed. In this issue, you will also find an interesting interview with the authors of a recent publication on the Armenian Genocide, "One Hundred Years of Sorrow, 1915- On the Track of Social Memory in Diyarbakır".