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This book consists of 130 brief biographies about people who have shaped contemporary politics in Turkey and influenced how Turkish politics have unfolded in recent times.

The biographic portayals of each individual are based nut just on facts but analytical explorations of general context of the periods in questions as well as the relationships that existed between particular incidents and persons.


Insect Atlas


The Insect Atlas provides Data and facts about beneficial and harmful insects in agriculture, formulates criticism of the overly hesitant policy and names the urgently needed steps to protect insects.


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On contemporary urbanization in Turkey

T. Gül Köksal, summarized up demonstrates the repercussions of the global phenomenon of urban transformation in Turkey and how it is shaped by this country’s particular governance and the existence of urban movements, which cannot be stopped or silenced, despite all of the coercive forces.

A Future for International Climate Politics

Two years after the Copenhagen summit, the real world is moving away from a safe and equitable climate future faster than ever. If the G-20 is “the premier forum for international economic development” and we are serious about stopping climate change, we have to ensure that G-20 politics do not undermine our objectives for the climate, the environment, poverty eradica-tion, and global justice.

Coal Atlas: Facts and figures on a fossil fuel

Our Coal Atlas contains the latest facts and figures on the use of coal and its environmental and social consequences. With more than 60 detailed graphics, the atlas illustrates the coal industry’s impact on nature, health, labour, human rights and politics.

Civil Society Organizations and Municipalities: Success Stories

The three-volume conference publications contain the presentations made by speakers as well as the discussions that took place during and after the roundtables focusing on the specific topics of Finances and Energy Efficiency; Municipalities: Good Practices and Action Plans, Lobbying and Networking Among Municipalities; and Civil Society Organizations and Municipalities: Success Stories.

Finances and Energy Efficiency: Civil Society Organizations and Municipalities

We are glad to present you the three-volume publication of the International Energy Efficiency Conference (Sept 30-Oct 1, 2011 Istanbul) focusing on the specific topics of Finances and Energy Efficiency; Municipalities: Good Practices and Action Plans, Lobbying and Networking Among Municipalities; and Civil Society Organizations and Municipalities: Success Stories.

Foreign and security policy

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Valuable as leather


In its new study, our project partner SÜDWIND Institute documents problems in Turkish small enterprises in the leather sector. In the summer of 2021, workers and employers who produce leather, shoes, belts or bags in Turkey were interviewed.

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Turkey’s Asylum Law and Policies


This report provides a comprehensive review of Turkish asylum laws and policies, in particular those concerning temporary protection, international protection, refugee status determination, deportation and detention.

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Syrians in Istanbul and Post-war Syrian Ghettos


The results of the study are based on field visits where in-depth interviews took place with 370 individuals to verify the presence of the five basic parameters of ghettoization: i) isolated area, ii) residential segregation, iii) homogeneous relations, iv) social exclusion, and v) population density, which are present in both Fatih and Sultangazi, effectively turning certain areas within the districts into post-war ghettos.

Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Integration in Turkey

The present report ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Integration in Turkey’, written by Dr. Doğuş Şimşek and Metin Çorabatır, aims to contribute a part to unlock the potential, integration could have for Turkey and the refugee population alike. It does not only illustrate the integration gap under the current temporary asylum system but provides ideas for how to tackle the challenges to refugee integration.

For Democracy

The present publication “For Democracy” outlines and analyzes the state of democracy worldwide as well as the possibilities of democracy assistance.